Message from the Chairman of the Board

Message from the Chairman of the Board

We are a technology company that puts people in the heart of the value chain. We believe that if we empower them, they will have the force to change the world. All revolutions bring change, but the 4th industrial revolution brings changes in all fronts. Trust is the key to go along with that change. At Qualist, our first purpose is be trusted by our customers. To achieve this, we only focus on what we do best.

Data interconnectivity, processing, visualisation, analytics and augmented reality are the areas we create value for our customers. 68+ industrial firms from many different sectors trust Qualist products and solutions for minimizing unplanned downtimes, reducing costs, optimizing production and enriching their maintenance experience.

Cem Tüfekçi
Chairman of the Board, Founder, CEO

    To develop technological business applications based on scientific breakthroughs and to create systems that could effectively change the business methods.


    We are a team that can get organized on our own with the pull of defined goals for ourselves.
    In order to meet the changing needs and make use of the opportunities, we define clear job descriptions and clear processes but we prioritize individuals and interactions.
    Our priority is building systems with sufficient documentation, smooth operation of which we provide continuity and sustainability.
    We improve our products and services by combining our scientific information with the things we have learned thanks to our customer cooperation.
    While we plan in detail, we also rapidly adapt to changes.
    We build feedback mechanisms, measure customer and stakeholder satisfaction, evaluate them, and constantly improve them.
    We work for spreading an awareness of advanced science, society and environment.


    To contribute the efforts to be free of dependency on the outer world nationwide by developing the business applications composed of technology and industry needed by our business world and industry. Contribute to our country's trade balance through the exportation of these systems on a mid and long-term basis.



Dr. Eren Soyak
Dr. Eren Soyak
Member of the Board

Dr. Eren Soyak received his BS, MS and PhD degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering in 2003, 2006 and 2011 from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. From 2003-2009 he was a lead embedded software developer for Ingenient Technologies, Rolling Meadows, IL, where he built embedded video processing and compression systems for consumer electronics and telecoms infrastructure. From 2011-2015 he was the Director of System Engineering and Research for AirTies Wireless Networks, Istanbul, where he built teams, products and intellectual property for home WiFi networks. Since 2013 he has been teaching as video processing and applied networks as adjunct faculty in the Computer Engineering department of Bogazici University, Istanbul.

From 2015-2016 he co-founded Lifemote Technologies, a startup building cloud-based computer vision products to quantify newborn health. Since 2017 he has been the co-founder and CEO of Lifemote Networks, which offers a cloud AI service for Internet Service Providers to monitor and manage their home networks. Dr. Soyak also serves on the board of Qualist.


Gökay Turanlıoğlu
Gökay Turanlıoğlu
General Manager

Gökay Turanlıoğlu began his career at Merrill Lynch’s Private Client Group in New York City, USA, and later focused mainly on Private Equity and Venture Capital. In 2006 Gökay joined Esas Holding’s Strategic Planning and Business Development team in Istanbul, Turkey, taking on key roles in several investment projects and M&A deals in food & beverage, aviation, real estate, retail, and healthcare. Later in 2011 he joined Soyak Holding’s Cement Group,Traçim Cement A.S.,as Business Intelligence Coordinator and jointly serves as Business Development Coordinator for the private technology investment fund at Soyak.

Gokay currently also volunteers as a mentor and coach to start-up and entrepreneurs at Istanbul Technical University’s ARI Technopark incubation center, Koç University Incubation Center, Startup Boot Camp, and Endeavor Global.

Veysel Kartal
Veysel Kartal
Financial and Administrative Affairs Director

He started his career in 1996 as an Accounting Specialist. He has worked as a manager in companies such as Hepsiburada, Gezisitesi, Vaillant, Markafoni, D-Smart, Morhipo ve Hızlıal with a focus on E-Commerce since 2005. He specialized in setting up financial and administrative systems and system development. He started to work as Financial Affairs Manager at Suzuki in 2016. He has conducted the first online transitions for E-Invoice, E-Archive, and E-Record in many of the companies he had worked. He focused on system setup and solving the problems of the current system in question. At four of the companies he worked, he managed the transition operations from various programs to SAP. He focused on system accounting instead of classic accounting and became the follower and practitioner of innovations. His areas of specialization are System Setup, System Optimization, Accounting, Operations for Financial and Administrative Affairs. He has been working with us as a Financial and Administrative Affairs Director since 2019.